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Welcome to your strong partner for tool presetting, shrinking equipment, training, repair and calibration.


May I introduce myself?

The tool being in all facets in industrial manufacturing environments is the focus of my career and vocation at the same time. That you feel it as a customer from the first contact, transmitted during the execution of the works, as well as the follow-up.

A proper documentation is a matter of course for me. Fast response times and short-term appointments - you can count.

And you always have to do with the "boss"! Since there is no ambiguity or misunderstanding.

What may I do for you?

  • Maintenance, calibration and preventive maintenance of tool presetting
  • Maintenance and preventive maintenance of their shrinking devices
  • Repairs
  • Commissioning of equipment
  • Internal relocation of tool presetting and shrinking devices
  • Training and instruction of the operator
  • Programming and optimization of measuring programs with customer tools on site
  • Lenses and expert advice on new purchases from a technical and economic perspective
  • Cheap used equipment available on request

Or do you need support in your tool presetting, as employees short or long-term failure? Because your orders and customers can not wait. After consultation I submit willingly to include an offer to the bottleneck in your production.

What do you gain?

  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • Fast response times, thereby decreasing downtime
  • Many years of experience in industry and technology
  • Precise adjustment results your Precision Tools
  • Vendor independence
  • Working world

Getting in touch:

About the inquiry form you have the option to request a quote. In addition, please contact us at the contact information listed.

I look forward to a long-term, trusting and successful cooperation.

tool presetting

Tool presetting

  • Repairs to your tool presetting different manufacturers (Kelch, Zoller, PWB, others on request)
  • Overhaul your rotation spindles of HSK and SK - series of your tool presetting
  • Spare Parts Service
  • Toolholders HSK DIN 69893/ISO 12164
  • Mill holder DIN 6359 with cooling channel for parallel DIN 1835 - B (Weldon)

Maintenance and calibration

  • Maintenance, and calibration of your tool presetting preventive Instadhaltung
  • Extensive contemporary checklists in paper form and/or as a .pdf file
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Calibration Service for your concentricity test mandrels and calibration gauges
shrinking device

Shrink equipment

  • Maintenance and preventive maintenance of your equipment Shrink
  • Repair at present faults and defects
  • Shrink chuck for mounting of cylindrical HSS and solid carbide tool shanks


  • Training and instruction of your personnel at various setting devices, digital readouts, controllers and software